One of the great amenities in Avery Park is the seasonal community pool, located at 746 Streamside Drive which is across from the tennis and pickle ball court and adjacent to the children’s playground. The pool is approximately 30’ wide by 60’ in length with a depth ranging from 3’ to 4’, no lifeguard on duty and no diving allowed. The cabana building has a ladies and mens restroom, changing and shower facilities, meeting room and mechanical room. There is also a picnic area with picnic tables and two charcoal grills. The pool is open from 7am to 10pm.
This area is a beehive of activity during the season and numerous community social events are held here. Depending on the weather the pool is normally open from May to September.
The pool is for use by property owners and accompanied guests. Avery Park has several policies and rules that are pertinent to the use of this amenity.


Avery Park has two walking trails.  The Laurel Trail is 0.3 miles long and goes from Smokemont Drive to the pool.  It crosses streams and passes a small pond.  The Evergreen Trail also starts on Smokemont Drive.  It winds through the woods for 0.6 miles, ending on Blue Mist Way.  There are a few benches along the trail where one can sit and enjoy the sound of the water.  There is also a short, 0.2 mile loop that starts and ends along the Evergreen Trail, for a slightly longer walk in the woods.

The trails are marked with natural wood posts with blue tops.  Approximately 30 different tree species have been identified along the trails, and an example of each has been labeled near the ground.  The trails have been designed for foot traffic only.  They are maintained by volunteers from Avery Park, led by the AP Trails Committee.  Come join us on our next work day!  Look for information on the calendar of events.

In Avery Park we enjoy wildflowers that bloom throughout much of the year.  We see them along our trails and along the roadsides.  Some of the wildflower bloom times have been compiled in a table, in case you are wondering might be blooming at a particular time.

Fishing Pond

Avery Park’s main pond is a another fun amenity. The pond may be accessed from the pool/tennis court parking area. There are steps leading to a mulched path that takes one to the boardwalk and covered area at the pond. One may also walk down from the steps located just off of Bear Paw Lane. In addition to the covered area, there are two benches beside the pond and two picnic tables as well.

The pond contains catfish, bass and sunfish. A fishing license is not required as this is private property. We prefer “catch and release” only. It offers a great morning or afternoon of family fun trying to catch some fish! It also provides an excellent opportunity to work on fly casting basics and advanced techniques.

Even in the winter it offers a fun winter day of sliding down the hill off of Smokemont and adults join in on the fun too! This can be a spontaneous event, based on snowfall accumulation, and is dissiminated on Face Book.

Swimming and ice skating are not permitted.

Tennis & Pickle Ball Court

For active residents, there is a combined tennis/pickle ball court. If you are playing tennis the net slides full upward and if you want to play pickle ball, just lower the net to achieve the right height. Residents must provide their own equipment. The courts are not lit up for evening play, so go during the daylight. There are benches available for guests to watch the game. Food and drinks should stay outside the fenced in area to keep the court as clean and litter-free as possible.

Additionally there is an adjustable basketball goal on one end of the court.

Library Exchange

Our Little Free Library at Avery Park was introduced Spring, 2017 and is located under the pavilion at the pool.  Little Free Library is a nonprofit organization to encourage people to read and share books – young and old.  The premise behind this organization is to “take a book / return a book”.  There are no time limits on how long you have the books, but the more you return, the more you can read. If the library is full – simply notify the steward of the Little Free Library and the steward will pick up your books or books can be dropped off at the steward’s home. Please visit the Little Free Library when you are at the pool or hiking the trail. Happy Reading!

Nearby Trails

Because of our community’s unique location directly adjacent to the Pisgah National Forest we have an outstanding variety of off-road recreation options.  Through a coordinated effort of resident volunteers, The Avery Park Trails Committee has been gradually expanding the trail network right within our own community.  These trails flow up and down the common areas, traversing stream-lets and bordering waterfalls, and are wonderful for  casual, after-dinner evening strolls.

But for more adventurous hikers and mountain bikers, we only are minutes away from a vast network of old logging roads and trails that wind for miles into virgin wilderness.  Virtually right from our community’s main gate you can ride or hike about a mile directly up to the Blue Ridge Parkway.  From there hikers can access the Mountain To Sea Trail, which parallels the Parkway in both directions.  Cyclists can head north and in about three miles drop down into Bent Creek, a popular vast network of cycling and hiking trails and gravel roads.  If riders head south, in roughly two miles they will cross the National Forest Road, which can lead them down the back way into Bent Creek.  Or go left for a fun, five-mile gravel descent into the Mills River Recreation Area where they can then explore yet another huge web of old logging roads and trails.

Remember to bring your lights, however, because in either direction you’ll need to pass through one fairly long tunnel!

Rather than taking the paved Parkway, riders and hikers can head out to Mills River via old logging roads that traverse the ridge line directly above our community.  The first two miles are admittedly a challenge for even the most fit and experienced mountain bikers, but after that initial climb riders are rewarded with a fabulous four-mile descent.  From the bottom at the river’s edge cyclists can now explore the Trace Ridge area, ride the “Endless Road,” a beautiful two-track that spirals up and down through the forest for miles and miles, or head home from up on the Parkway.  If you’ve had enough climbing, you can return home on the lower back roads. And if you want a real workout, head back the way you came and tackle that previous great descent in the opposite direction!  You can plan a different route for almost every day of the week.  Be sure to pick up one of the detailed trail maps of the Pisgah and DuPont Forests at any of the local bike or outdoor sports stores where you will find the above-mentioned trails and roads marked in great detail.

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