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Duke Energy Progress provides electricity to every lot in the community via underground cables. Power connection contact info: Duke Energy Progress 800-452-2777

Water is provided by drilled wells. Some lots have shared, community wells and some have private wells.

Sewer is via a septic tank and drainage field on the lot.

There is no city water or sewage in Avery Park.

Telephone lines run to every lot in the community via underground cables. AT&T will provide landline hookup to all lots. AT&T and Charter Communication will also provide phone service as part of their cable/internet services but only to those areas where they have fiber optic cable run (see Cable/TV section).
This is a mountain community, so cell phone connection will vary within Avery Park.

Telephone connection contact info:
AT&T Landline: 800-288-2020

There are no gas lines in Avery Park. Many homes in the community use LP gas (propane) as an energy source for kitchen stoves, fireplaces, grills, water heaters, and emergency generators. There are a number of LP gas providers in the region.


Currently, AT&T U-Verse and Charter Spectrum are the only cable TV providers available to the community and they only cover less than half the lots. These cable providers have been increasing the availability of fiber-optic cable in the community, so prospective buyers and new owners should contact them to see if they can provide service. If they can provide service, their packages can also include Internet and telephone. Cable TV contact info:
AT&T U-Verse 855-769-1890
Charter Spectrum 855-606-0967

Other options for TV service include Direct TV and DISH Satellite service. Satellite TV contact info:
Direct TV 855-291-3275
DISH Satellite TV 855-722-9253

Depending on a lot’s location, a good externally mounted antenna may be an option to get a limited number of channels.

High-Speed Internet may be available if AT&T U-Verse or Charter Spectrum cable service is available to a lot. Other options include SkyRunner Internet-only connection (requires line-of-sight from one of their transmitters to the lot) or HughesNet satellite Internet. Internet contact Info:
See Cable Internet contact info under Cable TV
Sky Runner 828-258-8562
HughesNet Gen 5 866-963-3343

Trash and recyclables are collected once a week in the community. Waste Pro is the current service provider and it is the owner’s responsibility to arrange the service. Trash collection contact info:
Waste Pro 828-684-7790

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