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Where is our community garden?

Avery Park has the benefit of having open space that provides a variety of benefits. One of those benefits is a community garden. The purpose of the Avery Park Community Garden is to provide an opportunity for gardeners to grow our own fresh organic foods and flowers within our community. It is also a place to share our knowledge and interests in gardening and to encourage community members, and especially young members to learn about gardening. Essentially, we are a gardening community of practice where we share our experience and explore new varieties of produce and methods for preparing and preserving the bounty we produce.

Concerning our resources; our community garden is situated in an area with fertile soil, a readily available supply of water and sufficient space to provide fresh organic produce for multiple gardeners. It also has the benefit of direct sun, a scarce commodity in our largely forested community. In addition, our gardens are protected from wildlife. We encourage members to visit our gardens and enjoy the beauty of a cultivated garden amid Avery Park’s natural beauty and to become members if interested in sharing the produce. Expenses and responsibilities are shared equally among the group as is decision-making. Become a member to find out more information.

Do residents need permission to remodel outside the house or structures? Do they also need to discuss major landscaping changes or additions?

Seek approval from the architecture board before make any changes

Where are the trails in Avery Park?

Avery Park maintains two walking trails.  Both begin on Smokemont Drive, shortly after the four-way stop.  The Laurel Trail is on the left, approximately 0.3 mi long, and ends at the pool/playground.  The Evergreen Trail is on the right, approximately 0.6 mi long, and ends on Blue Mist Way.  There are also several trails just outside the neighborhood, not officially maintained by Avery Park.

Who should I contact if I have an emergency?
  • Call 911 Immediately for:
    • Any medical emergency
    • Any fire in the community or visible fire adjacent to the community (e.g., in the Pisgah National Forest)
    • Any criminal activity in the community
When should I call the architectural review board (ARB) chairperson?
  • Questions about the AP Architectural Design Standards
  • Before clearing any undeveloped lot
  • Before making any external improvements/additions to existing structures on a lot
  • Before removing any tree more than 6 inches in diameter
How can residents stay connected to Avery Park community?
  • Sign up on Avery Park (AP) website and Facebook
  • Attend social events (cocktails at cabana, picnics, Christmas party, book club)
  • Look at the calendar
  • Become a volunteer (serve on the board or committees)
  • Attend monthly board members (all residents are invited to attend as a non-voting resident)
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