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The Community Association is responsible for management, maintenance, operation, and control of all common areas within the Avery Park Community. The Association is the primary entity responsible for enforcement of the community’s governing documents and also for administering and enforcing the community’s architectural standards and controls. The Association is authorized to levy assessments for common area expenses, and those expenses are shared by the membership based on the number of lots each member owns.

Every owner is a member of the Community Association and has one equal vote for each lot owned, except that there may only be one membership per lot (co-owners share all membership privileges, but can only cast one vote as set forth in the Association By-Laws).

A Board of Directors, nominated and voted on by the Association members, governs the affairs of the Association. The number of Directors on the Board is at least three, but can vary as directed by Board resolution. Under current resolution, there can be as many as five Directors on the Board. Each Board member serves for a term of one year, but may be nominated and voted into office to serve subsequent terms. The powers and duties of the Board are delineated in the Association’s governing documents .

The Board is required to hold a meeting at least once each quarter, but typically meets on a monthly basis.

Board Composition Members:

President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Directors-at- large

Reporting Board:
Board Chair Architectural Review Board

Non-Standing Committees:
Budget Chair

Standing Committees:
Pool/Cabana Chair

Trails Chair

Social Chair

Family Events Co-chairs

Weed Warriors Chair


Garden Club

Book Club

Steward of Little Free Library

Annual Member Meeting: A meeting of the Association membership is held annually (usually in early November) to nominate and vote for the next term’s Board of Directors, and to conduct any other business set forth in the Notice of Meeting.

Special Member Meeting: The Board President may call a special meeting of the membership whenever s/he deems it necessary. In addition, the President must call a special meeting within 30 days if (1) so directed by resolution of the Board or (2) upon receipt of a petition signed by at least ten percent of the members

General Assessment: The Board levies a general assessment each year based on its budget for the coming year. The budget takes into account both expenses for day-to-day operation and maintenance of the community’s common areas and for the long-term replacement and major repair of the community’s facilities and infrastructure components. The owners of all assessable lots equally share the general assessment levied. The general assessment is invoiced in two equal payments due on January 1 and July 1 of each year.

Special Assessment: The Board is authorized to levy special assessments to cover unbudgeted expenses in excess of the budgeted expenses for the year. The owners of all assessable lots equally share the special assessment levied. The special assessment is due on the date specified in the special assessment notification letter.

Specific Assessment: The Board may levy a special assessment against one or more specific lot owners to cover costs incurred in bringing a lot(s) into compliance with the terms of the Association’s Governing Documents or as a consequence of the conduct of the Owner or occupants of lot, their agents, contractors, employees, licensees, invitees, or guests.

The annual general assessment is due in two equal payments, one on January 1st   and the other on July 1st, each year. For 2017, the total general assessments are as follows:

$1,142.00 per one assessment (lot) unit

$1713 per one and one-half assessment (lot) unit

$2284 per two assessment (lot) unit

Architectural Review Board (ARB): The Avery Park ARB was established to enhance consistency, compliance and equity in the implementation of policies, plans, and governing documents pertaining to the physical development of Avery Park. The ARB serves as an arm of the Board to ensure compliance with protective restrictions, and the compatibility of construction, design, and maintenance of each Property/Lot as specified in the community’s Architectural Design Standards.

Architectural Design Standards: The Association’s Architectural Design Standards [provide a link to this document in the previous section] set forth the policies and procedures to assist the ARB, owners, architects and contractors through the Architectural Review Process. The Board of Directors strongly believe that the only way the natural beauty of Avery Park can be protected and preserved while developing an attractive and desirable community to live in is by the consistent administration and strict adherence to the Architectural Design Standards and the Architectural Review Process.

Architectural Review Process: The Architectural Review Process, as described in the Architectural Design Standards, for new home construction and/or other prominent structures consists of a Preliminary Plan Review, a Final Construction Plan Review and specified on-site Construction Reviews to verify that the actual construction is in conformance with the approved Final Construction Plans. The Architectural Review Process nears conclusion after the construction (including all proposed and required landscaping) is completed and the Association makes its Final Review. If the project is in compliance, the Final Review is signed off as approved with written notification of completion being sent to the Owner and the process is concluded. If the project is found to be incomplete or is not in compliance with the approved plans, the Association will take action based on recommendations from the ARB to ensure completion and/or compliance of the project. Owners are strongly encouraged to work with an architect who is knowledgeable and experienced in mountain home design and construction. Owners can find all of the forms required by the ARB (and Architectural Design Standards) in the “Owners Only” section of this website.

If you would like to know more about the community’s ARB or Architectural Design Standards, please feel free to contact the ARB Chair, Tom Weaver.

Reasonable numbers, determined by the Board, of common household pets are welcome in Avery Park. All pets must meet Buncombe County and North Carolina requirements for pet licensing, rabies, inoculations, etc.

All pets must be reasonably controlled by an owner and should be kept in such a manner as to not cause or create a nuisance or unreasonable disturbance or noise within the community. A pet owner is responsible for all of the pet’s actions within the community.

No animals may be kept, bred or maintained for commercial purposes without prior written Board approval. Other than common household pets, no other animals, livestock, or poultry may be raised, bred, kept or permitted within the community.

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